Our Mission and Values

At OGN CrossFit we have built a fun, inclusive and supportive health & fitness environment.

Whether you are just starting out, a regular gym goer or an experienced CrossFit athlete.

At OGN CrossFit we welcome and encourage all.

This has been the foundation to building our incredibly strong and supportive community.

What to expect

Achieve your goals

Our gym, our coaches and our classes are here to help. If your goal is to shift some pounds, build some muscle, get stronger or you simply just want to feel better. We got you covered.

Meet awesome people

At OGN CrossFit our environment is everything. This comes from the members. No ego’s, just like minded people are working at their best to achieve their goals.

Have a great time along the way!

Exercise doesn’t need to be boring and a gym shouldn’t be a place you fear. With our constantly varied classes, we take this all away. This will be the best hour of your day!

Start working towards your health and fitness goals in 3 simple steps

Build your self confidence, have an amazing time getting fitter and healthier and meet a great bunch of people along the way.

  • Contact us today – Speak to one of our friendly coaching team
  • Learn the Foundations – Learn the basis of CrossFit on our Foundations Course.
  • Start your class – Our classes are fun, constantly varied and coached to the highest of standards. Our classes and programs set you up for success. This will be the best hour of your day!

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